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Redcon1 – Total War

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Total War Preworkout for Men & Women – Formulated with amino acid beta alanine to enhance muscular endurance and reduce exhaustion. Total War preworkout delivers rapid, fast-acting power & focus for a transformative workout you didn’t think was possible.
Unstoppable Power – This award-winning pre workout contains 320mg of active caffeine powder with 250mg of caffeine anhydrous, a dehydrated form that promotes alertness and wakefulness + 100mg of di-caffeine malate, which slows the release to help you dominate even your most challenging workouts.
Professional Grade Formula – 6g of l citrulline malate + 45mg of green tea extract + 150mg of juniper helps boost nitric oxide levels to deliver nutrients and help increase blood flow. Our ‘pump’ effect keto pre workout is formulated with premium ingredients backed by science and made for athletic people of all skillsets.
Noise Worthy Flavors – Not for the faint of heart, our pre workout powder for women & men packs a flavorful punch you’ll make excuses to use. Every scoop offers a delicious and refreshing flavor that never sacrifices your workout energy for taste.
All-In-One Workout Supplements – Total War is a powerful combination of stimulants and focus factors along with N.O. compounds making it your go to taurine powder. 30 clinically dosed servings per container for cardio intense days, this preworkout will have you energized for hours.

Calories 0 KCAL
Citrulline Malate 6 G
Beta-Alanine 3.2 G
Taurine 1 G
Caffeine Anhydrous 250 MG
Juniper Extract 150 MG
Di-Caffeine Malate 100 MG
Green Tea Extract 45 MG
Naringin 25 MG
BioPerine 10 MG
Theobroma Cocoa Extract 5 MG


The nutritional data is based on a single 13-gram serving of Total War Strawberry Mango REDCON1 Pre-Workout.

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Patriot, Outdoor Punch, Blue Lemonade, Rocket Bomb, Watermelon, Strawberry Mango, Tigers Blood


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